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Change is happening in , and you will not only survive it, you will thrive from it. This shift is due to the cosmic liberator of the zodiac, Uranus, moving into Taurus on March 6. He briefly visited your sign in from May 15 - November 6, but this is the year when he sets his sights on a full-fledged tour of Taurus.

He'll spend the next several years until April making his way through all 30 degrees of your sign, which means at some point you will get a direct hit of this chaotic, life-awakening energy. Those Taureans with April birthdays are going to have the most significant life changes in as a result, but every Taurus out there is feeling the buzz. Uranus' electromagnetic charge has quite a reach! You might notice that you're feeling an overall sense of restlessness -- a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the current state of your life and any perceived lack of freedom to be who you know you are and do what your heart desires.

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This will come out most dominantly in your personal relationships, your physical appearance, and your career path. Major changes are on the horizon this year in all of these areas. Even if life throws a few earthquakes your way, if you can keep your perspective then, once the dust settles, you will understand that in order to fully come alive again, the wrecking ball had to strike first. Remember: YOU are not being wrecked -- the life that has prevented you from being your most liberated, visionary, individual self will be.

Anyone who supports the authentic you will stay, and anyone who doesn't? They're out. In other news, will bring interesting developments in finances. With Jupiter moving through your 8th House of Other People's Money until December 2, you might experience a surge in funds through royalties, commissions, passive income structures, or even an inheritance.

Taurus 12222 horoscope:

Be careful not to spend it on an unrealistic dream though. You're typically so good with money, but with Jupiter square Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September 21, you might be disappointed in an investment or sink way too much money into something or someone you believe in.

If you have a strong message you want to broadcast to others, this is your year. It will help to count to ten before you speak. Someone may backtrack on a promise or obligation.

Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, January - VICE

By the same token, you should deal with any emotional or romantic issue before the late afternoon, when sensitivity will govern your responses! You can minimize one area of tension by keeping the communication lines open, but be aware that other signs may be a little closed. It may be best to let people say what they have to say in their own time!

It might seem that everybody is still claiming your attention and wanting your time, but you might not be in the most patient of moods. The evening, thankfully, will be a lot less pressured! The months ahead are likely to start on a positive note, as you discover talents and abilities that you did not realize you had, while March sees you able to ditch bad habits of a life time! New courses and travel are well aspected throughout the spring, while June turns your attention to the home. Communications in July will be subject to minor mishaps, while August is the best month for romance!

A new friendship in September will bring a new way of thinking. Start or open a savings account in October. The emphasis in November is on relationships; a new start will be up to you; December will be a distracting month! The planets tell us that Justin is unlikely to turn this newly reflective side of his nature to his advantage when it comes to his singing style!

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