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The atmakaraka is determined from your birth chart. Then you see where that planet is located in the 9th divisional chart.

Mercury in the 1st house of Navamsa D9 Chart in Vedic Astrology

What ever sign that is in, shows your inner convictions and the things you are working with in this lifetime. So take note of the characteristics of that sign, and synthesize them with your atmakaraka. This is not a judgement of good or bad, just a quality of those houses. People with placements hear usually experience a lot of frustration, sudden changes, and unexpected events in ones life.

On the other hand planets in the angles, or in the 5th or 9th allow the life to flow more smoothly, like driving on a paved road with less worries. People with benefic planets here are usually born into cultures that support their innate nature.

Navamsa= The D9 Chart in Hindu Astrology and probably the most reflective one….

Pioneers, revolutionaries, people who are happy in other cultures often have strongly placed malefics in good dignity. On another note, you can look at the planets in the 10th from the svamsha in the navamsha, to get ideas about purpose and direction.

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Or just note the sign the 10th rashi from the svamsha falls in. Note: when counting rashis from the svamsha, you count forward like you normally would when reading a chart if the sign is an odd sign and you count backwards if its an even sign. It is quite in depth, and a lot of fun for the research minded astrologer. Tagged as: Astrology , Jaimini , Jyotish , navamsa , svamsa. Thank you Ryan.

navamsa or the d/9 chart in astrology with ... -

I really enjoy your YouTube videos. Do you use whole sign or placidus in your practice? Just use any old western program for tropical and a jyotish one for the nakshatra calculations?

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That may work. What you are saying makes sense. The only other area would be to find a way to incorporate the Galactic Center, Middle of Mula Ayanamsha for the Dashas. You might need to send an email to Ernst at Kala to get information on that. Tropical Chart, using Jyotish software for nakshatras is a good start for getting the horoscope set up though. Thanks for the reply. Ok so I am using Jagannatha Hora and can switch my ayanamasa to both tropical and the galactic center I think their using 0 degrees Sag. So the suggestion is to use the tropical zodiac to draw up my natal chart and the Mula to get my nakshatra locations?

I must say the dashas seem more accurate at a cursory look at some charts…would I then look at the tropical to see what the dashas will produce along with this nakshatra timing system or stay with the nakashatras? Nonetheless, this could get long — any insight would be appreciated or even an article on how this all works if your so inclined. Thanks for listening! See my second article in Navamsa series whether to see whether there is threat to that relationship at present moment or not.

So we will continue in our journey of Navamsa even more and more with further articles. If you are interested to know when my articles are published then like my facebook page on the top right hand corner of my site. Biswarup Tarafder.

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