Pisces february 10 horoscope

Pisces February Horoscope — Rachel Lang

You have noticed that people seem to be drawn into your warm and mysterious nature. You would be surprised to know how many people have struggled to discover the depths of your personality. Air is the elemental pair of your sign and of all 12 zodiac signs, you are the only one to have a fixed connection with the element. Your special connection with air allows your personality to share in the determined qualities of forceful wind. As is the case with all air signs, the influence of air stimulates breezes of curiosity within your being.

In times when your interest is peaked, your curiosity takes purpose and you work tirelessly to gain understanding. Air's positive qualities can become one of your greatest assets, if you are able to avoid air's less positive, stagnant qualities. Uranus is the planetary ruler of the Aquarius, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive the planetary influence of Venus as well.

While it is Uranus, the planet of deviation, that links to your originality and free spirit, it is Venus that connects to your sociability and appreciation of beauty. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more sensitive and emotional than the other Aquarius Decans. Relationships make up the primary focus of this man's life. The Pisces woman is mysterious but not aloof.


She possesses an ageless charm that is enthralling to those who know her. Her capacity for sympathy and her understanding make her stand out. Pisces women find their greatest fulfillment through personal relationships. Even when talented, they may not respect their gifts.


Today's Pisces Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

Many Pisces women are self-conscious and need a stronger individual to bring out their best qualities. Pisces children are dreamers.

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At times they may seem caught up in their illusions and unable to tell reality from fantasy. These little ones should be allowed to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination without fear of ridicule. Playing games of imagination allows Pisces children to safely explore their creativity. Pisces men and women have an idealistic view of love and romance. Consciously nurturing causes, creative family, and heartfelt projects are where the gold is.


A New Moon on Feb. The Sun will also take up residence in this romantic house and increase your visibility, giving you an opportunity to find balance and beauty either in partnership or creative pursuits.

Daily Horoscope Pisces February 10, 2017 ♓️♓️🚀🚀

Meanwhile, after Mars has been hard-charging in fiery Aries, this war god moves into Taurus and your 10 th House of Career; not too shabby for the cosmic showboat. Surprises and the unexpected may also factor in strongly here, so be ready for anything.

Pisces Health & Wellness Horoscope

As they say, shoot for the Moon and you might fill in the blank. Look forward to Feb. Alpha-energy Mars has been poking and prodding you from across the sky, perhaps bringing some heat to relationships. A rare stubborn streak could arise and you could find yourself as the other half of a transformative conflict.

The ability to feel your anger and express it in healthy ways may be on the path this month.

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We all know you like to keep things nice, but the bud will only grow if not nipped or at least acknowledged. Meanwhile, the all-powerful Sun is lighting you up with a friendly angle in the sector of your chart having to do with creative impulses, children, and love affairs. You are truly in a position to balance the scales this month with equal parts naughty and nice.

In either case, expect some pulse-racing action.

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    The New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. As the heat of the Sun moves out of your sign and love-and-be-loved Venus enters your sign and 1 st House of personality, some of the pressure releases. After Feb. The Cosmos seem to want to offer you some retreat or less serious way of channeling all that energy. However, you may start to see some tangible rewards of your efforts. A New Moon on the Feb. Luckily, Venus is also offering her charms this month to lessen intimidation and remind you that the mask of quiet dignity can also be sexy.