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Gandhi had Kemadruma yoga in his horoscope, because there are no planets in either the twelfth or the second house calculated from the Moon. However, the Moon is in the tenth house a kendra house. This greatly neutralises the Kemadruma yoga. Now we shall discuss the scissors yogas of the Sun. Planets in the second or the twelfth house calculated from the Sun, will strengthen the Sun naturally in their own manner, according to their character. Kennedy had both a benefic and a malefic in the twelfth house calculated from the Sun.

He was intelligent the influence of Mercury , but the fact that he was murdered had something to do with the powerful malefic Mars in a moolatrikona house in the eighth house, which is the twelfth house calculated from the Sun.

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This very same Mars also gave him his sex appeal. The eighth house represents death as well as sexual charisma. A powerful Mars in that house can lead to a violent death Mars as powerful malefic as well as a lot of sexual charisma. The Voshi yoga increases the above effects. It would be logical to expect a yoga when there are no planets in the second or the twelfth house calculated from the Sun. This is not the case. The Sun is in itself, a powerful planet, and it can function very well alone, without the support of other planets.

A benefic in the vicinity is always appreciated, but it is not necessary. I have already explained that there are literally thousands of yogas. One must realise that this is only a very small selection.

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For those who wish to learn more on this subject, I refer to the list of books for further reading. The book 'yogas in Astrology' by K. The book written by Hart deFouw also gives a lot of attention to this subject. Example: With an Aries ascendant, the Moon is lord of the fourth house and the Sun is lord of the fifth house.

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Should the Sun and the Moon be in conjunction in a horoscope with an Aries ascendant, the two planets then form a raja yoga. In this case, the Moon is lord of a kendra house the fourth and the Sun is lord of a trikona house the fifth.

Moon Astrological Significance

A benefic in the seventh house will of course lead to a better functioning of that house. However, the seventh house is opposite the Ascendant. Because of this, it also has consequences for the functioning of the ascendant. When a planet is placed in the seventh house, it will aspect the first house. This is the reason that a strong seventh house also gives us a strong first house. Inasmuch as the first house is the whole horoscope in short, a strong first house is of particular importance.

It then follows that the consequence of adhi yoga is a strong first house, which will therefore lead to positive results. Analogically an adhi yoga calculated from the Moon, will also allow the Moon to function much better. The Moon is the most important planet in Indian astrology.

The Vedic Moon

That the Moon should function well is therefore of great importance. If a malefic is placed in this position, it may be favourable for the owner of the horoscope explanation: malefics in upachaya houses are good and the tenth house is an upachaya house. However, it may mean, that he attains a high-ranking position at the cost of others.

At the very least, he will not be very particular in choosing the avenues leading to social success. Gandhi has in his horoscope, amala yoga calculated from the ascendant Moon in the tenth house and amala yoga calculated from the Moon Jupiter in the tenth house from the Moon. Explanation: The first house is the most important house in Indian astrology, and when the Sun and Mercury are placed in the seventh house, they aspect the ascendant. The intellect is a facet of the fifth house.

The intellectual combination of the Sun and Mercury is favourable for the intellect. When the Sun and Mercury are placed in the eleventh house, they aspect the fifth house. If Mercury is in combustion, the budhatiya yoga remains intact, but the person involved will find it difficult to convince the public of his good ideas. The budhatiya yoga will manifests, but it can only be publicly displayed with the greatest difficulty.

Explanation: When there is srik yoga, the natural benefics will be very influential in life, which of course, is very positive. Both Gandhi and Kennedy have Gaja Kesari yoga in their horoscope.

That of Gandhi is the stronger because in his horoscope, both the Moon and Jupiter are placed in kendra houses, whilst in the Kennedy horoscope the Moon in placed in a dushtana house. This is more or less the opposite of the Gaja Kesari yoga. When the Moon is placed in a dushtana house calculated from Jupiter, we have a difficult relationship between these two planets.

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  • For a woman: The ascendant, the Sun and the Moon are placed in even signs, and she is born during the night - very fortunate. Even signs are negative; feminine signs the earth and water signs. The night is feminine.

    In Gandhi's horoscope, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are placed in kendra houses. It is true that Jupiter and Mercury are placed in, for them, neutral signs, but as all the named planets are either in conjunction with each other, or aspect benefices, the Saraswati yoga here is extremely powerful.

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